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Essay (Radio)


The Radio

Radio is one of the best means of communication. It was invented by Marconi in 1902. He was an Italian scientist. By means of radio, we can hear different programmes. There are different radio stations which provide various programmes. Some of the most popular radio stations are BBC, the voice of America etc.

Radio is the cheapest means of communication. It is easy to use. It can be used while we are doing some physical work. We can listen to the current news by means of radio. It broadcasts live programmes also. It gives us national and international news. It provides us entertainment also. We can listen to popular songs. Nowadays it provides various programmes for teachers and students. It is a medium of mass communication. Students can learn several things by means of radio. It is effective in remote areas also. A programme that is broadcasted from a station can be heard by a large group of people.

There are so many radio stations in Nepal. Radio Nepal is national radio station of Nepal. FM radios are the fashion of Nepal. We can listen to the news every hour on the radio. Local news is also broadcasted by FM radios. In our district, there are many local FM radio stations. Some of them are Kalika FM, Synergy FM, Hamro FM, Chitwan FM, Great FM and so on.

Radios are very helpful to pass our time. We can spend our leisure time listening radio. We can pass our time easily as well as we can learn several things. It educates the common people on various matters. It broadcasts several programmes to meet the interest, taste and needs of different people.

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