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SEE 2078 SET-B (Madhesh Province)

Symbol No........                                                                                                          RE-‘101’ B

SEE 2078 (2022)


Reading and Writing

(Written Test)

Candidates are required to give their answers according to the given instruction.

Time: 2hrs. 15 minutes                                                                       Full Marks:75

1. Read the poem and do the task.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim

Because it was grassy and wanted wear,

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept he first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and, I

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

A. Select the correct alternatives to complete the sentences. (2x1=2)

a) The speaker was travelling through...

i) the undergrowth       ii) a yellow wood         iii) a grassy

b) The speaker stood long on the way as he was........

i) in a dilemma            ii) tired iii) enjoying the beauty of the place

B. Answer the following questions: (3x1=3)

a) Who does 'both' refer to?

b) Who composed this poem?

c) Which road did the speaker take?


2. Read the passage given below and do the tasks.                    (10)

But when I think deeply, I know, nobody knows me. I am alone, and I wonder about the consequences if I take the wrong line. Then, I mustered up the courage to travel along the underground tubes alone. Nirmal had bought me tickets and shown routes. I entered the underground world near Pairs Nord station and travelled for about 30 minutes. It was claustrophobic; the crowd was so huge and shifting all the time. At last I got out of the tube near Vernon. Then, I ascended to the surface of the earth, as it from nowhere, by climbing the escalator. I reached the broad street where vehicles were playing swiftly. I came to a different air, an open space, and I no more felt suffocated. I didn't know which direction I was supposed to follow. So, I asked a passerby. Excuse me, can you show me the way to Musee Rodin please? He did not speak, just pointed towards the direction with his white fingers. Perhaps he was telling me the direction without any words. Most French like the Chinese, they say, do not like to speak in English, though they know it, or love to speak in their mother longue. He spoke in French, politely of course. I could only guess what he said. I thanked him, though he had gone a bit further ahead, and I continued my pace.

A) Put the following sentences into the right order to make a meaningful paragraph based in the reading text. (5x1=5)

a) The writer continued to walk.

b) The writer travelled alone.

c) The writer was not sure to the direction that was supposed to follow.

d) The writer was directed by passerby.

e) The writer felt easy to breathe.


B) Answer the following questions: (5x1=5)

a) How did the writer feel at the beginning?

b) Where did he enter?

c) How was the underground way?

d) Where was the writer going?

e) Which language do the French enjoy to speak?


3. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: (10)

Vacancy Announcement

NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN), an umbrella organization of Nepalese NGOs is working for autonomy of NGOs, human rights, democratic governance, social justice and pro-poor development.

NFN is seeking applications from highly motivated, dynamic and result oriented qualified Nepalese citizens for its programme "strengthening accountability and Governance in Nepal (SAGON)" for the following position: and minimum

Information Officer-1 (Kathmandu Based)


Interested candidates having experiences, mentioned in the TOR, are requested to submit their applications to no later than 4:00 p.m. 15 March 2022.

Application form and TOR are available in the Vacancy Section of Only short listed will be candidates contacted.

NGO Federation of Nepal

Buddhanagar, Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +97714782908,+97714781368


A) Complete the following sentences with appropriates words from the above text. (5x1=5)

a) Only....citizens can apply for the post.

b) ............. are available in the vacancy section of website.

c) The announced post is for an........ officer.

d) Short listed candidates will be.......... for the selection process.

e) The last date of application submission is........

B) Answer the following questions: (5x1=5)

a) In which field is the organization working?

b) Write any two inherent qualities that a candidate needs?

c) What does SAGON stand for?

d) How can one get the application form and the TOR?

e) Where is the office of the organization located?

4. Read the following passage and do the tasks that follow. (15)

In a certain village lived a farmer and his only son. The son was a thief who went about stealing from people's homes. He continued this wicked lifestyle till the day his cup got filled. He stole heavy sum of money from the richest man in their village, that day he didn't escape successfully as he used to. The rich man involved the police immediately he found out that his money was missing and the police started investigating, and finally they found out that the boy stole the money so they sent him to prison. After some months, it was time for farming and the farmer was already old and weak and couldn't ground anymore so the old farmer wrote the letter to his son in prison; "Son this year I will not plant cassava and yam because I can't dig the field, I know if you were here, you would have helped me. The son was really touched by his father's letter so he thought a plan, and replied his father "Dad don't even think of digging the field because that's where I burried the money I stole." The policemen on reading this letter went early in the morning and dug the whole field in search of the money but nothing was found. The next day the son wrote his father again "Dad you can now plant your cassava and yam. This is the best I can do from here". Dad replied "My son, you are too powerful indeed, even in prison you still command policemen to work for me. I was so surprised to see the officer and his team holding hoes and shovels, digging my farm. I will write to you when I want to harvest."

A) Write 'True' for the true statements and 'False' for the false ones. (5x1=5)

a) The old farmer was living with his son in a village.

b) The son gave up his wicked life style when the police arreste him.

c) Police caught him up while he was planning to steal the riman's money.

d) The old man was too weak to dig the filed for plantation.

e) The son had buried the money in the field but the policem didn't find it.

B) Put the following sentences in the correct order to make a meaningful paragraph based on the reading text. (5x1-5)

a) The farmer was unable to dig his field for plantation.

b) The son was sent to prison for what he had done.

c) An old farmer had a son who often stole from others.

d) The son made the policemen dig his farm.

e) He stole heavy money from the rich man.

C) Answer the following questions. (5x1=5)

a) How was the character of the farmers' son?

b) What did the rich man do when he noticed that his money was missing?

c) What was the farmer planning to do with his field?

d) Why did the son request his father not to dig the field?

e) Why was the farmer surprised at the end?

5. Write a set of your schools' rules and regulations to paste assignments on your classroom wall. (5)


6. Write a readable story with the help of the outlines given below. Give a suitable title and a moral too. (5)

A cap seller..... going to market through a forest.... hot day.... takes rest under a big tree..... soon falls asleep...... monkeys on the tree notice his and his bag full of caps.... come down.... take one and put on.... cap seller wakes up..... finds his cap's .... sees the monkey in

cap...... tries to get them back but fails.... hits a plan.... throws his caps on the ground... the monkey does the same.... collects caps and goes.


7. Write a dialogue between two friends who are planning for an educational tour. Write at least six exchanges. (6)


8. Write an essay on "Importance of Modern Agriculture in Nepal" in about 200 words. (8)

9. Reproduce the following sentences as indicated in the brackets: (6x1=6)

a) He'll do the task, ........? (Supply the correct question tag)

b) She's done her homework. (Change into 'Yes /No' questions)

c) He always works in the morning. (Change into Negative)

d) Don't cross the road! The bus........ (come). (Supply the appropriate form of the verb in the given bracket)

e) Pratik said to her, "I never drink coffee" (Change into indirect speech)

f) The work is done by her. (Change into Active voice)

10. Choose and copy the best answers to complete the text meaningfully. (Rewriting is not compulsory.) (10×0.5=5)

A man who had just died.....(a)..... (arrive/ arrived/had arrived) at the heaven's gate. Yamaraj, the death God questioned him if he.....(b) ... (loved/had loved/is loved) a woman. "No,"(c).....(a/an/the) man replied, "I never loved a single woman' Yamagaj questioned him again if he had loved a child then. "No," Had I loved a child, I..... (d)..... (shall/ would/ had) have told you" His answer..... (e)..... (made Yamaraj/ Yamaraj made/ made) silent.

Then he asked again. Perhaps you loved animals, (f).....(don't/doesn't/didn't) you ?" No', he answered, once I (g)..... (am bit/was bitten/ was beaten) by a dog.....(h)..... (Later/ Since/ Before) then I hate animals. Then the man..... (1)..... (was/were/ have) taken..... (j)..... (onto/on/to) the place of Yamaraj.

SEE QUESTIONS 2078 (English 101)




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