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Class 7 (Unit 3) Part I

 Unit 3 (Part 1)

Getting started (page 22)

Reading I

Answer the following questions.

a. How do people feel when their relatives pass away?

Answer:  People feel very sad and grief when their relatives pass away.

b. Is death sure to happen?

Answer: Yes, death is sure to happen.

Kisa Gotami and the Mustard Seed

A. Find the words from the above text for these meanings.

a. gave sympathy to somebody

b. a ceremony for burying/burning a dead person

c. an area of land where dead people are buried

d. a way of improving a difficult situation

e. sitting in silence in order to make the mind calm

f. sure/certain to happen


a. consoled

b. funeral

c. graveyard

d. remedy

e. meditating

f. inevitable


B. Answer the following questions.

a. Did Kisa love her son? How did you know?

b. What did she not accept?

c. What help did she ask for with the neighbours?

d. Why did she not prepare for her son's funeral?

e. What did the old man advise Kisa to do?

f. What was Gautam Buddha doing when Kisa saw him?

g. What request did she make with Gautam Buddha?

h. What did Gautam Buddha tell Kisa to do?

i. Did Kisa find a house where no one has ever died?

j. What did Kisa finally understand?


a. Yes, Kisa loved her son because she worked and lived only for him.

b. She did not accept that her dear son had left forever.

c. She asked for her son’s life back.

d. She didn’t prepare for her son’s funeral because she believed that her son would come back.

e. The old man advised Kisa to go to Gautam Buddha.

f. Gautam Buddha was meditating under a Peepal tree when Kisa saw him.

g. She requested Gautam Buddha to restore her son back to life.

h. Gautam Buddha told Kisa to lend him a handful of mustard seed from a house where no family members had died.

i. No she didn’t find a house where no one has ever died.

j. Kisa finally learnt that death is inevitable.


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