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Grade 8 (Unit 9) Smartphones in our Life (Reading II)

 Unit 9 (Part II)

Reading II (page 112)


Smart Phones in Our Life


A. Find the words from the text that mean the following. The first letter has been given.

a. S....... a mobile phone which has a touch screen, internet access, etc.

b. C......... repeatedly; all the time

c. D....... a piece of equipment such as a smartphone

d. S........ afraid that something might happen

e. R…....... bring back something from somewhere

f. S…..... to use the internet

g. C....... useful, easy or quick to do; not causing problem

h. I…..... effect

i. V…… very important

j. D…...... in an extreme way


a. Smartphone

b. Constantly

c. Device

d. Scared

e. Retrieve

f. Surf

g. Convenient

h. Impact

i. Vital

j. Drastically


B. Read the text again and answer these questions.

a. How do people feel when they miss their mobile phones?

b. Write any three ways of using smartphones.

c. Why are we getting lazier?

d. What is the impact of getting connected with mobile phones all the time?

e. Why is smartphone called personal assistant?


a. People feel scared or completely lost when they forget their mobile phones.

b. Three ways of using smartphones mentioned in the text are: surfing the internet and social media, checking emails, and making phone calls.

c. We are getting lazier because we know we can easily access any information we need using our smartphones.

d. The impact of being connected with mobile phones all the time is that it can be tiring and exhausting.

e. Smartphone is called a personal assistant because it helps us master our everyday lives, making tasks easier and more convenient.


C. How can you make the best use of mobile phones. Discuss.

Making the best use of mobile phones involves balancing their advantages and disadvantages while leveraging their capabilities to enhance various aspects of your life. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your mobile phone:

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated on the latest apps and features through online tutorials, user communities, and tech news sources.


Stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues through calls, text messages, and various messaging apps.

Use video calling for more personal and engaging conversations, especially for long-distance relationships or business meetings.

Information and Learning:

Access a wealth of information through the internet, news apps, and educational platforms to expand your knowledge.

Download e-books and educational apps to read and learn on the go.

Health and Fitness:

Install fitness and health tracking apps to monitor your physical activity, diet, and overall health.

Use meditation and wellness apps to reduce stress and improve mental health.


Enjoy a wide range of entertainment options such as streaming movies, music, and games.

Follow your favorite artists, creators, and channels on social media and video platforms.

Photography and Creativity:

Explore your creative side with the smartphone's camera and editing apps.

Capture memorable moments, experiment with photography, and share your creations on social media.


Explore accessibility settings to adapt your phone to your specific needs, such as screen readers, magnification, or voice commands.

Social Connection:

Use social media apps to connect with a global audience, share your experiences, and stay informed about current events.


Remember that the key to making the best use of your mobile phone is to strike a balance between its benefits and potential drawbacks. Be mindful of your screen time, privacy, and security while using your device to enhance your daily life.


Grammar II


C. Complete the following sentences with the correct forms of the adverbs given in the brackets.

a. My mother drives ................. (carefully) than me.

b. Angela works................. (hard) than me, but Linda works ..............(hard) of all of us.

c. Minu sings .......... (beautifully) of all the people in the choir.

d. Our teacher explains the lessons ............ (clearly) than your teacher.

e. Mingma arrived at the meeting.............. (early)

f. Jeena picked the mangoes …….... (fast) of all.

g. My mother cooks...better........... than I do, but my father does..............(well) of all of us.

h. I speak English………….... (fluently) than my younger sister.

i. The teacher arrived ............... (late) than the students.

j. The driver was .................. (seriously) injured than the helper.


a. My mother drives more carefully than me.

b. Angela works harder than me, but Linda works hardest of all of us.

c. Minu sings more beautifully of all the people in the choir.

d. Our teacher explains the lessons more clearly than your teacher.

e. Mingma arrived at the meeting early.

f. Jeena picked the mangoes faster of all.

g. My mother cooks better than I do, but my father does best of all of us.

h. I speak English more fluently than my younger sister.

i. The teacher arrived later than the students.

j. The driver was more seriously injured than the helper.


Writing II

The internet has significantly changed the way we live. Write any essay comparing and contrasting the ways of people's living before and after the invention of the internet.


Impact of Internet on People's Lives

        The internet's invention has ushered in a profound transformation in the way we live, reshaping virtually every aspect of our daily routines and societal structures.

        Prior to the advent of the internet, most communication consisted of in-person meetings, phone calls, or written letters. The three main sources of information were books, newspapers, and television. For navigation and shopping, people used real maps and went to brick-and-mortar establishments. Traditional education predominated, and the majority of entertainment alternatives were limited to regional events and television shows.

        With the initiation of the internet, the world has become interconnected in unprecedented ways. Communication has evolved to include instant messaging, video calls, and social media platforms. Information is accessible at our fingertips, with search engines providing answers to virtually any question. E-commerce has revolutionized shopping, making it convenient to buy goods and services online. Online education offers flexible learning options, and the entertainment landscape has expanded with streaming services and user-generated content.

        In general, the internet has transformed our lives by improving communication, facilitating access to information, and changing the way we conduct business. The advantages of the internet have clearly had a significant positive impact on our world, despite some of its drawbacks.


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