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Essay (Democracy)



Democracy is a political system in which the citizens of a country elect their representatives. The government is formed by these representatives of the people. Abraham Lincoln, famous president of the United States, has defined democracy as the government of the people for the people by the people.

Democracy is a government that allows freedom of speech, religion, and political opinion. It provides treatment of each other by citizens as equals, without social class divisions. It upholds the rule of law and majority rule. It also respects the rights of minorities.

In democracy, election plays a vital role. Representatives are selected by means of election. People can give votes to good representatives. They must work for the sake of the citizens and nation. The Prime minister is chosen by the majority of votes. The majority is taken into consideration in democracy.

In a democratic country, the fundamental rights of the citizens are guaranteed by the constitution. Sovereignty lies on the whole people of the country. In the present world, most of countries have exercised democracy. Democracy has provided many advantages to the people; however, it has some demerits, too.

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