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Essay (Evils of Dowry)


Evils of Dowry

There are some harmful, rotten, dead, and old traditions that still exist in our society. Among these harmful traditions dowry system is one. Dowry system is one of the curses in our society.  Dowry is the property or thing which is given by the parents of bride at her marriage. Dowry may be something valuable/expensive like TV, motorbike, furniture, household appliances, money, etc. This evil practice is spreading rapidly in spite of protests, legislation and public awareness.

Dowry system creates so many problems in our society. Boys may run after dowry. In engagement ceremonies, we can see so many people bargaining about dowry. The girls of poor economic backgrounds may not get the chance of marriage because boys may not be interested to do marriage with poor girls. Poor families cannot afford sufficient dowry for their daughters at their marriage. They have to sell their land to give dowry at their daughters’ wedding. Poor people may become poorer and poorer.

In order to get a good bridegroom for their daughters, they have to offer generous dowries. To give generous dowries, poor people are compelled to mortgage their land. Finally, they will become landless. So many social crimes such as suicide, murder, divorce etc. have been created by this evil system. This system is a great sin of Hindu society.

This evil system must be avoided by our society. To avoid this evil system young men and women must be instructed. The women should organize themselves more unitedly and purposefully against dowry. To check the menace of dowry, a wide and popular movement should be initiated. 

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